University Chancellor Fired Over Obscene Video Appearance

​( – A former university chancellor in Wisconsin was fired for making pornographic videos with his wife. Chancellor Joe Gow of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse said a meeting of regents convened and decided unanimously to end his employment for causing “significant reputational harm” to the college.

Universities of Wisconsin President Jay Rothman and Regents President Karen Walsh issued a joint statement saying they had learned of Gow’s “abhorrent” behavior, which left them “disgusted,” but they did not offer further details. Gow, however, argued that his First Amendment rights were violated, and he caused no damage to the university’s reputation because he never mentioned his employment there.

“We’re dealing with consensual adult sexuality. The regents are overreacting. They’re certainly not adhering to their own commitment to free speech or the First Amendment,” he said.

Mr. Gow told CNN that he did not have the chance to defend himself or present an argument against his sacking because he was unaware of the regents meeting until after they decided to terminate his employment. He added that he is considering a lawsuit against the college, and the issue is whether his and his wife’s actions are constitutionally protected.

In an interview with the New York Times, Gow said he and his wife have been making pornographic videos together for several years, and they recently decided to post these to more adult websites. They produce a show called “Sexy, Healthy Cooking,” in which they cook meals with seasoned pornographic actors before engaging in sexual activity with them. “It’s an interesting process, and the people that we work with are completely professional and very great to work with,” he said.

The responsibilities of Chancellors at American universities include budget planning, policy creation, staff recruitment, and creating academic and research programs. University of Wisconsin La Crosse is a relatively small college with a fall 2022 enrolment of just under 10,000 students. Mr. Gow was also a tenured professor of communication at the university.

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