US On HIGH ALERT — Putin’s Threats Are Ramping Up

US Ramps Up Intel After Putin Makes Nuclear Threats

US Ramps Up Intel After Putin Makes Nuclear Threats

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin is difficult to read as he constantly puts out threats, propaganda, and strong rhetoric about his army and his nation. However, after seven months of attacking Ukraine, his goals have not yet been met. So, he’s escalated his language to making slightly veiled threats of using nuclear bombs. This has caused US agencies to ramp up their surveillance of Russia should it move towards following through.

According to both POLITICO and the Kyiv Post, American federal agencies are increasing their intel in Russia, hoping to determine if Putin is trying to use a nuclear warhead before he actually launches one. Some experts believe the Russian leader would choose to use smaller “micro-nukes” loaded into a missile launcher. While the payload is much smaller than those dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II, they would still do immense damage to Ukraine and its people.

Intelligence officials don’ believe Putin would start a full-on nuclear war with major bombs. However, because of this lack of confidence, even the best US intelligence may not be able to detect when the Russian army is about to use a nuclear weapon. One person with knowledge of the surveillance told POLITICO it is likely any intel would come too late to save lives.

The nations that have taken a strong stand against Russia continue to discourage any use of nuclear weapons. Should Putin escalate to such a degree, though, the West is ready with its own arsenal if necessary.

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