WATCH OUT – Russian Wives Go ROGUE!

Russian Wives Threaten To March Into Ukraine and Bring Husbands Home

Russian Relatives Threaten To March Into Ukraine and Bring Soldiers Home

( – It’s been more than eight months since Russia invaded Ukraine, sending its soldiers on a mission that they seemingly can’t complete. Ukraine has been fighting back hard and recently recaptured Kherson, driving out opposition forces. In the meantime, Russia has suffered devastating troop losses, which are rumored to be in the tens of thousands. It’s gotten so bad, the military has resorted to conscription, and the members it’s recruiting aren’t very skilled. Now, some of the soldiers’ wives and relatives are getting fed up and demanding their husbands and family members be returned.

Soldiers Under Attack

In one of its latest missions, the Russian military came under attack in Makiivka, a Ukrainian city in the Donetsk region. Many were injured, and those who survived were in the process of walking back to Belgorod, which is just under 100 miles away. They were also carrying the wounded on their backs, making the trip a long and arduous one. That’s when the soldiers’ relatives stepped in.

According to Newsweek, a video circulating on the social media platform Telegram shows incensed women showing up to ask the military to bring their loved ones home by car. They went so far as to say that if Russia didn’t help, they would go to Ukraine and ask for assistance.

Additionally, according to Meduza, a Latvia-based news outlet, relatives from Russia’s Vladimir and Vologda regions also called for the return of their loved ones. They said these men had little to no training and were part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mobilization efforts.

Another video circulating on Twitter shows women at a city administration meeting.

These are just a few of the many instances where Russian families are getting fed up with the loss of their men.

Loss in Morale

Another issue Russia is dealing with is a loss of morale among its troops. While the country made significant gains at the beginning of the war, Ukraine proved to be fruitful in both its military efforts and sourcing aid from Western nations to keep its war machine going.

Ukraine has also staunchly refused to back down from its Russian aggressors, and continues to recapture cities once taken, even going so far as to quickly start repairing the country’s infrastructure where it can.

In the meantime, the battle continues to wage on, with neither side willing to concede, as Russia recently rejected Ukraine’s terms for negotiations.

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