Water RESTRICTIONS Ordered – Celebrities Notified!

LA Restricts Water Usage in Celebrities' Homes

LA Restricts Water Usage in Celebrities’ Homes

(StraightNews.org) – California is facing yet another drought, this time forcing city water authorities to encourage conservation and cut back on water consumption. While many residents gave up watering their lawns months ago, some big names in Hollywood did not minimize their usage, which led the local authorities to act. Los Angeles just installed some flow restrictors on multiple celebrity homes.

A flow restrictor is a small, circular stainless-steel piece installed into an existing water pipe as it enters a home. It has one small hole in the middle of it that will only let enough water through for one appliance to run at a time. For example, a homeowner could run the dishwasher with the flow restrictor, but it could not use the shower at the same time.

According to the Guardian, Los Angeles installed these devices on the homes of Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick, Kevin Hart, and rapper The Game. Officials at the water district office gave these celebrities many changes to reduce water flow and commit to using less water, but those requests were not met.

While few places are actually using flow restrictors right now for water conservation, the little tool is now getting national attention. Some experts believe it may be showing up in other states, such as Texas and Florida, before too long if droughts continue and people use more water than necessary, putting a strain on their communities.

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