Youth Football Coach and Wife Charged With Illicit Acts

( – A minor league football coach and his wife were arrested after attempting to arrange an illicit meeting with an underage girl. Benjamin Coney, who coaches the Arkansas Punishers, and his wife were caught when they tried to persuade a young girl to meet them for a sexual encounter while not realizing they were speaking to an undercover cop. The pair agreed to travel 200 miles to meet the girl, and when police apprehended them, they had a bag of sexual “aids” in their car.

Officers subsequently charged the married couple with conspiracy to commit rape and stalking. Police have released details of some of the messages exchanged between the couple and the undercover officer, which included a confession from the wife, 25-year-old Emily “Grace” Brinley, that she “likes them young.” Mr. Coney also confessed he was “Into some very f–ked up, sick taboos.”

The couple sent intimate photographs to the “girl,” and prior to the planned liaison, told the undercover officer they “really” wanted to meet and asked if she could “come out and play today.”

Following their arrest, the husband told police that he talked “a big game on the phone” but would not have followed through. He also told officers that his wife had no interest in children and only went along with the plot because she was trying to be a good wife.

The couple was held in Benton County jail on a $200,000 bond, and a statement from the Arkansas Punishers confirmed they had terminated Mr. Coney’s employment. “We do not support or allow his actions at all,” a representative posted to Twitter.

So-called “sting operations” are increasingly employed by police to catch potential predators online. Last month, officers in Utah published details about how they approach the setups. Special Victims Unit detective Jeff Smith said it’s a simple process and only involves creating a social media account with a young person’s photo and waiting for a predator to make the first move.

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