CNN to Pay Don Lemon $24.5M One Year After Firing

( - Former CNN host Don Lemon will receive over $24 million from the network as part of a settlement related to his sacking last year. The primetime host lost his job amid accusations of misogyny...

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Authorities Seize 90K Fentanyl Pills in Las Vegas

( - Law enforcement officers in Las Vegas have seized 90,000 Fentanyl pills and arrested two men on charges of distribution. Police say a young child...

3 College Swimmers Die in Car Crash

( - Three University of Wyoming swimmers died in a car crash on February 22 near the Colorado border. Two others were injured during the accident on US 287 when their utility vehicle rolled over, having veered off-road. The five athletes were inside the Toyota RAV4 when it reportedly spun over several times, and two people were thrown from it. The two injured men, aged 20 and 21, were taken to hospital and are expected to recover fully. The three students who died were 19-year-old Charlie Clark, a Las Vegas native studying psychology; Carson Muir, an 18-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, who...

Airline Passenger Attacks Another with Makeshift Weapon

( - An airline passenger fashioned a crude stabbing weapon and attacked a fellow passenger on a Las Vegas-bound flight, officials say. Julio Alvarez Lopez allegedly created a makeshift knife using pens bound together with rubber bands and launched it into the face of a fellow traveler. The victim, who was not identified, is a serving law enforcement officer, but the agency he works with is unknown. His wife was also injured during the attack as she tried to shield their 7-year-old son. Nevada court records reveal that the incident happened on January 24 on an Alaskan Airlines flight from Seattle to Las Vegas....

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Credit Juggernaut Capital One Acquiring Discover In Blockbuster Deal

( - Capital One is buying Discover Financial Services in a $35 billion deal. Under the terms of the agreement, Discover shareholders will receive just over...

Repeat Illegal Responsible for Hit-and-Run That Killed Boy

( - An illegal immigrant who was deported from the US several times has been captured and charged with killing a 10-year-old boy in a Texas hit-and-run. The Midland Police Department arrested 50-year-old Rogelio Ortiz for allegedly hitting the boy with a truck on February 8 and fleeing the scene. Alex Wise was airlifted to hospital but died the next day. The incident happened in the town of Midland, around 300 miles from San Antonio. Subsequent media reports state that Ortiz was deported from the United States on five separate occasions. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency states that he was...

FBI Informant Accused of Lying About Hunter Biden’s Ukraine Business

( - Special Counsel David Weiss has filed charges against an FBI informer for allegedly lying about payments to President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. Alexander Smirnov reportedly told the FBI that Ukrainian gas company Burisma paid the Bidens $5 million each in 2015 or 2016, but the indictment states that he only had contact with the company after that time. The indictment against Smirnov furthermore states that he told the FBI that Burisma hired Hunter Biden because he would “protect us, through his dad.” He allegedly repeated those claims in a second interview with federal agents last September and made...

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3 Officers Shot in Washington D.C.

( - Three police officers were shot during an animal cruelty arrest in Washington, DC, on February 14. The three officers were hospitalized but are expected...

Pastor Accused of Peddling Street Drugs

( - A Methodist pastor in Connecticut has been accused of selling crystal meth from his parsonage. Police arrested Herbert Miller of the Woodbury United Methodist Church on February 8 after they received a tip-off from an unnamed source who went on to set up a sting. State troopers pulled Miller over on his way back from the sting drug exchange and found him carrying crystal methamphetamine in rock and liquid form, as well as a hypodermic needle. Reports say the pastor used the drug in exchange for watching gay couples engaging in sexual activity, but police did not confirm this. The...

Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer Jimmy Van Eaton Dies at 86

( - Jimmy Van Eaton, a drummer who performed with music legends including Jerry Lee Lewis and Billy Lee Riley, has died at the age of 86. The Memphis native, who signed with major label Sun Records as a teenager, died at his home in Alabama, his sister confirmed. Terri Van Eaton Downing said her brother had been battling “health issues” for the past year. James Mack Van Eaton had a long and varied musical career and started by playing trumpet in a school band in his home state. In a 2015 interview, Van Eaton said he moved on to drums...

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