Ex-Trump Org CFO Sentenced to Prison

(StraightNews.org) - Former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg has been jailed for perjury. Mr. Weisselberg was sent to New York’s Rikers Island prison for the second time after pleading guilty and agreeing a...

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El Salvador Welcomes Desirable Immigrants with 5,000 Free Passports

(StraightNews.org) - El Salvador is offering 5,000 passports to highly skilled immigrants, hoping to attract doctors, scientists, and engineers to the Central American country. The...

Chipotle Customer Shoots Employee Over Trivial Dispute

(StraightNews.org) - A customer at a Chipotle outlet in Michigan allegedly shot a staff member after an argument about guacamole. The 21-year-old employee sustained a gunshot to the leg and is expected to recover fully, while police apprehended the 32-year-old suspected shooter blocks from the location. Witnesses described an argument between the two men, apparently centered around guacamole. One witness said the employee left the counter and disappeared to the back of the restaurant, at which point the alleged shooter went behind the counter and attempted to bag his food. The employee returned, and the two men engaged in a physical brawl....

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Declines Endorsing Biden

(StraightNews.org) - Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he is not supporting either candidate in this year’s Presidential election after endorsing Joe Biden in 2020. During an interview with Fox News, Johnson told Will Cain that he previously felt he had a duty to express his support for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris but subsequently realized this caused division. “My goal is to bring our country together,” he said. Mr. Johnson has hundreds of millions of followers online and is one of the world’s most influential social media users. The former wrestler has emphasized, however, that he would support whichever candidate becomes...

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Lawsuit Details Bizarre Targeting of Black Employees By Kanye West

(StraightNews.org) - A former employee of Kanye West has filed a lawsuit accusing him of racism, retaliation, and unlawful dismissal. Trevor Phillips, who is black, said...

Judge Order Border-Crossing Illegals Who Rioted Released

(StraightNews.org) - A Texas judge has released a group of migrants who stormed the US border in March and attacked National Guard troops. Law enforcement officers in the Lone Star State arrested dozens of rioters, but Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta subsequently released them on their own recognizance. They are permitted to stay in the United States. The incident happened on March 21 when hundreds of migrants rushed a razor-wire barrier, overwhelming National Guard soldiers. The El Paso Times reported that the men had spent several days camping on the banks of the Rio Grande before making their move and forcing their way past the...

Attorney Generals Band Together to Close Cannabis Loophole

(StraightNews.org) - A coalition of 22 Attorneys General called on Congress to reverse legislative ambiguity that has effectively caused the federal decriminalization of cannabis. The group says “glaring vagueness” about the lawful position has caused a market to emerge in which intoxicating cannabis products are sold freely. In a letter dated March 20, the Attorneys General noted that the 2018 Farm Bill led to the “proliferation of intoxicating hemp products” nationwide and that “bad actors” exploited the legal status of hemp to introduce products “that are nothing less than a more potent form of cannabis, often in candy form.” It went on to state...

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Stanford Student Allegedly Openly Advocated for Biden Assassination

(StraightNews.org) - A Stanford University student has revealed the extent of hostility on campus over the continued Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas. Theo Baker...

Environmentalist RFK Jr.’s Family Enriched By Oil and Gas Company

(StraightNews.org) - Robert F. Kennedy, former environmental lawyer and current US Presidential candidate, has made thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies. Kennedy reported the earnings on a financial disclosure form last year. The filing showed payments from Arctic Royal Limited Partnership, a company that leases land for oil and gas drilling in Oklahoma and is part of an array of Kennedy family business investments. Arctic Royal, furthermore, leases land to companies that have faced fines for environmental regulation breaches and pollution. The Presidential candidate earned around $30,000 from the investments between January 2022 and June 2023. However, Mr. Kennedy...

President Brother’s DOJ Criminal Investigation Remains Open

(StraightNews.org) - Justice Department officials in Florida have investigated financial transactions linked to President Biden’s brother James. Politico reports that anonymous sources also claim that Pennsylvania Department officials sought information about James Biden’s activities last year. Both investigations relate to hospital chain Americore, where James Biden worked after his brother left the White House at the end of the Obama administration. The essence of the case is fraud, and Americore is accused of receiving millions in taxpayer funds for improper Medicare reimbursements. Furthermore, investigators are looking into James Biden’s efforts to secure Middle East investors for Americore in Pennsylvania. Loans to...

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