Blinken Criticized For Playing Guitar In Kyiv Bar

( - US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has come under fire for playing guitar at a Kyiv bar. Mr. Blinken took to the stage in the Barman Dictat cocktail venue in central Kyiv during a...

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Ex-US Marine Charged with Race-Based Mass Shooting Plot

( - A former US Marine is facing federal charges for plotting to kill white people. The US Attorney’s Office for the District of New...

Liberal City Puzzles For Providing Alcohol to Homeless Alcoholics

( - Liberal San Francisco is under fire for giving free alcohol to problem drinkers. The $5 million scheme gives shots of alcohol to chronic drinkers to stave off the effects of withdrawal and keep them out of the Emergency Room. As part of the Managed Alcohol Program, nurses give beer, vodka shots, and wine to homeless people with alcohol dependency. They usually provide one or two drinks up to four times a day. The scheme has been running for four years, costing $20 million. Tom Wolf, who founded the Pacific Alliance for Prevention and Recovery, denounced the strategy, saying it wastes...

Governors Criticize Biden Over National Guard Shift

( - Senior figures in the National Guard and all 55 US Governors have objected to Biden administration proposals to move members of the National Guard to the federal Space Force without gubernatorial approval. The National Guard, which is accountable to state Governors, comprises reservists called upon to deal with emergencies such as national disasters, and recent Department of Defense proposals to move them to the Space Force have met with widespread disapproval. Retired Maj. Gen. Francis M. McGinn, president of the National Guard Association, called it the “wholesale harvesting of the units.” Legislative Proposal 480 (LP480), submitted to the Senate Armed Services...

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Biden Leverages $3.3 Billion AI Investment in Swing State

( - President Biden has announced a $3.3 billion Microsoft investment in Wisconsin. The President visited Racine, in the Badger State’s southeast, to tout a new...

Bernie Sanders Running For Another Term

( - Senator Bernie Sanders has confirmed he will run for re-election in November. The 82-year-old Independent, who joined the Senate in 2007, is a well-known progressive and fierce critic of America’s healthcare system who regularly pressures drug companies to lower prices. Raised in a working-class Jewish home in Brooklyn, New York, Sanders recently lashed out at the Israeli government and accused it of committing “ethnic cleansing” in the Gaza Strip. Addressing the student campus protests across the country, Mr. Sanders said he holds Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for a death toll Hamas claims has topped 30,000 civilians. In February, the Vermont Senator called...

Mother Kills Toddler Son In Murder-Suicide

( - A Texas father has described receiving a text message from his wife hours before she shot and killed his 3-year-old son. Savannah and Brian Kriger, of San Antonio, were engaged in a custody battle over the boy after he filed for divorce in March. Before she shot the 3-year-old and turned the gun on herself, Savannah texted her estranged husband, advising him to “say goodbye” to his son. Mr. Kriger said he assumed she was going to flee with the child and called his lawyer, who subsequently requested an order for her to attend court the following day. Before she sent...

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Members of Fraternity Hailed For Protecting American Flag From Protesters

( - Members of a college fraternity protected the American flag after pro-Palestinian protesters attempted to tear it down. Footage posted to social media showed members...

4 Teens Killed As Police Pursue Stolen Car

( - Four Florida teenagers died when their car crashed amid a high-speed chase with police. The four males, aged 14 to 17, were driving a stolen car when Bradford County Sheriff’s Department deputies spotted them and attempted to pull them over. Col. Brad Smith told reporters that the teenagers initially indicated they intended to obey the officers and stop the vehicle, but “before they came to a complete stop, they accelerated again.” Deputies chased the stolen SUV until it crossed county lines, at which point Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) took over. Mid-pursuit, one FHP trooper decided to use a method known...

Ukraine-born Congresswoman Voted Against Aid to Homeland

( - A Ukraine-born Republican Congresswoman has spoken out against continued US aid to her homeland, saying American lawmakers should put America first. Rep. Victoria Spartz of Indiana, the first and only Ukraine-born member of the US Congress, said the United States should not write “black checks” to Kyiv. She confirmed at a recent primary election event that she voted against a recent $61 billion aid bill. The conservative lawmaker said securing the southern US border should be America’s top priority. During a debate in Hamilton County, Indiana, where Spartz faces tough GOP competition, she said she was “appalled” by the assumption...

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