American Tourist Dies In Greece, Another Missing

( - An American tourist has been found dead on a small Greek island, and a second is missing. The two unrelated cases occurred during a wave of recent deaths that some experts have...

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Border Patrol Seize 25 Automatic Rifles Headed to Mexican Cartels

( - Border Patrol agents in Blythe, California, seized a cache of semi-automatic weapons concealed in a truck occupied by an American and his...

Jon Stewart Unleashes On Corporations For Co-Opting Pride Month

( - Comedian Jon Stewart lashed out at corporations for “exploiting” gay people during Pride month. In a monologue on The Daily Show, Stewart ridiculed Pride-based publicity from Burger King, which ran an ad featuring the “Pride Whopper,” and a lengthy commercial from Oreos depicting a father reluctantly accepting his daughter’s female partner. Skittles was also targeted for releasing colorless candy under the caption, “Only one rainbow matters during Pride Month.” The host slammed the companies for financially exploiting “the decades-long struggle of gay people for acceptance and equality” and following a “long line of hollow corporate pandering” aimed at...

Attack Leaves 4 Americans Stabbed in China

( - Chinese police have arrested a man after four American university tutors were stabbed in a park in the Jilin province. China’s foreign ministry said the four educators from Iowa Cornell College were not seriously injured, and none are in a life-threatening condition. The alleged assailant, known only as Cui, reportedly argued with the Americans in Beishan Park in Jilin City before pulling a knife and attacking them. Foreign ministry spokesperson Lin Jian said the assault was an “isolated incident” and China is one of the world’s safest countries. He added that the incident should not damage international relations. Democratic...

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Pension Payout Error Pits City Against Its Cops

( - Chicago Police officers have received a letter telling them they must contribute to their pension fund thanks to a payroll error. The...

Navy Sacks Top Female Commanding Officer

( - The US Navy has fired its most senior female commanding officer, Captain Michel Brandt. Commander of the USS Somerset, Brandt had been in post for less than a year. A statement from the Navy said it had “lost confidence in her ability to lead.” Captain Tate Robinson has replaced her as commander of the San Antonio-class amphibious transport dock, and she has been assigned to Naval Surface Force Pacific. Experts say that loss of confidence is typically cited in personnel removals, and further details are rarely supplied. Captain Brandt’s military career began in 1998 when she completed the Vanderbilt...

Freight Train Collision Kills 3, Including Child

( - Two adults and a child died after they were struck by a freight train in Fairfax County, Virginia. First responders found the three bodies after receiving a 911 call from a woman walking in the area. The tragedy happened on a railway bridge over Accotink Creek when a northbound Norfolk Southern train hit three people walking along the railway track at around 8.20 pm on June 5. One of the adults died from the train strike, while the other adult and child died in the creek below. There were no other injuries, but Norfolk Southern closed the...

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Woman Presumed Dead Found Alive at Funeral Home

( - Funeral home staff in Nebraska discovered that a 74-year-old woman was still alive after she had been declared dead at a hospice....

Israeli Lobby Unleashes Ads Against Black Congressman

( - An influential Israeli lobby group in Washington, DC, has launched a new ad suggesting that New York Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman is antisemitic. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) produced a video with Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel reading a detailed account of Bowman’s record. “My father taught me that antisemitism begins with lies and conspiracy theories, and it ends with violence,” Wiesal said. In a second, longer video, a representative of AIPAC’s super PAC United Democracy Project asks AIPAC directly if it is accusing the Congressman of antisemitism, and the response, while not answering the question directly,...

Alex Jones Has On-Air Breakdown

( - Controversial podcaster Alex Jones broke into tears on air while claiming that federal authorities are determined to shut down his Infowars platform. The 50-year-old screamed, cried, and shouted while slamming his fists on his desk and insisting that the “Deep State” was trying to destroy him. “All we’re trying to do is save America, and they’re f–king us over, over and over again,” he said. Jones advertised the broadcast as conceivably his final one, but Infowars remains operational. During the show, he warned that the feds would raid his studio in Austin, Texas, but the threats failed to...

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