$6 Billion Climate Projects Funded by Biden’s Energy Department

(StraightNews.org) – The Department of Energy has announced it will award $6 billion to 33 climate projects across America. The funding is part of the Biden administration’s “Investing in America Agenda,” which hopes to “de-carbonize” the energy sector and reduce greenhouse emissions while promoting well-paying union jobs and revitalizing industry and manufacturing. However, only projects demonstrating sufficient adherence to an “equitable and inclusive clean energy future” will qualify for the grants.

The Department will furthermore continue to monitor such projects to ensure they are implementing “a comprehensive Community Benefits Plan.” These plans must create new jobs, engage local communities, and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

According to an Energy Department press release, 80% of the newly funded projects will be based in “disadvantaged communities,” as defined under President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative.

Justice40 was established via an Executive Order issued during Biden’s first week in office in 2021. It directs 40% of federal investments to energy efficiency, clean transport, sustainable housing, and training and workforce development. “Disadvantaged communities” are defined as groups of individuals who experience “common conditions,” with Native Americans and migrants specifically cited.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the $6 billion grant funding will spur a new generation of decarbonization technologies, particularly in the crucial steel, paper, concrete, and glass sectors.

The DEI element of the projects is required as part of President Biden’s promise to inject diversity into all parts of the federal government. An executive order signed by the President in June 2021 claimed there are “too many underserved communities” in the United States, which “remain under-represented” in the federal government and its agencies. Under the order, all arms of government were charged with assessing diversity and inclusion and developing strategies to increase diverse representation and “eliminate any barriers to success.”

However, critics, including many Republicans, believe DEI divides Americans along racial lines, with some suggesting it is unconstitutional. Some furthermore argue that it elevates people to roles for which they are underqualified.

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