Actor Jamie Foxx Details Strange Spin On Health Scare

( -Actor Jamie Foxx has revealed some information about a health scare last year. He described having a headache and asking his son for Advil, and then he blacked out and remembered nothing that happened in the twenty days that followed. The actor’s sister and daughter took him for medical treatment, and he told the doctor there was “something going on” with his head. In recounting the story, he did not divulge any further.

In March, the secretive Foxx told reporters that he would speak out about the incident at some point, but in his own time. He explained that he would return to his entertainment roots as a stand-up comedian and reveal what happened during a show. “I’m gonna do it in a funny way. We’re gonna be on the stage,” he said.

Friends have revealed that since the mysterious incident, the Oscar and Grammy Award winner has become philosophical and sees life through a new lense. He encourages people to cherish every moment and make the most of their lives.

The illness first came to public attention when Foxx’s daughter Corinne posted a message to Instagram in 2023 stating that her father had a medical emergency but was on the road to recovery. She later deleted the post, and speculation about Mr. Foxx’s well-being has circulated ever since.

Roughly a month after she posted an Instagram message, Corinne Foxx said the media had “run wild” with rumors about her dad’s health, and she wanted to set the record straight. She confirmed Mr. Foxx had been hospitalized but was back home and recuperating. “Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support!” she wrote.

Ms. Foxx’s post was accompanied by an article claiming the family had been told to prepare for the worst, prompting her to clarify matters.

Foxx was in the midst of filming a movie with Cameron Diaz when he fell ill. There were eight days of filming to complete, which was done with doubles filling in for Mr. Foxx.

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