Alicia Keys Criticized Over Ill-Timed Paragliding Post

( – Singer Alicia Keys has come under fire for a social media post in which she described “paragliding” as a hobby she would take up if she was not afraid of anything. She was criticized because she posted the message days after Hamas terrorists paraglided into Israel and murdered hundreds of people at a music concert close to the border. Terrorists also entered by vehicle and on foot and proceeded to slaughter more than 1,300 Israeli civilians. A picture of Keys posted alongside the remarks showed her wearing a jacket in the green colors of Hamas.

Keys later took to Instagram to explain that her message was “completely unrelated” to the terror attack. “My heart has been breaking… I pray for and stand for peace,” she wrote. Her former manager, American-Israeli Guy Oseary, backed up the singer and reassured fans that she is not antisemitic and would never have intended to cause offense. “I spoke to Alicia, and she was horrified to learn what the word implied,” he said.

Before the clarification, a group called Stop Antisemitism highlighted Ms. Keys’ post and asked her if it was “some sick ode to the Hamas terrorists that infiltrated Israel.” Conservative commentator Megyn Kelly also chimed in and said such a provocative post should not be ignored. Kelly’s tweet was met with furious responses accusing Keys of antisemitism – one poster suggested she move to Israel to see “how much fun it is.”

Meanwhile, some celebrities have spoken out to support Hamas or condemn Israel. For example, former adult film star Mia Khalifa tweeted, “Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal.”

An unrepentant Khalifa, who has more than five million Twitter followers, later said Palestinians were “fighting for freedom every day.” After losing business contracts due to her stance, she said, “I’m more angry at myself for not checking whether or not I was entering into business with Zionists. My bad.”

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