Anger Management Therapist Charged with Murder

( – An anger management therapist from Florida has been charged with murder. Police arrested Travis McBride, who owns Starting Point Mental Health in DeLand, after receiving a call about a suspicious incident at a house in the city. An unnamed caller told law enforcement officers that he saw a neighbor dragging a body to his car and cleaning blood off the street.

DeLand police Capt. Prurience Dice said officers found shell casings and blood stains on the road near McBride’s house before searching his car and discovering the body of 52-year-old Clinton Dorsey, who had been shot several times. They immediately arrested McBride, walking near his home. Cops say there was an ongoing feud between the two men, and according to a neighbor, Travis McBride told her he planned to kill Dorsey, whom she described as a “homeless guy who lives in the woods across the street.”

Multiple witnesses reported gunshots, and one directed police to a nearby dumpster where they found blood-stained clothing that had belonged to Mr. Dorsey.

Prosecutors charged McBride with first-degree murder, and he was detained in Volusia County jail without bond. The therapist has previously been arrested several times, once for attempting to strangle his wife, who he believed had mishandled his dogs. He avoided a jail term at the time by promising to undergo six months of counseling.

His long criminal rap sheet includes felony aggravated battery in 1995 and again in 1996. In the first instance, he avoided prison with a deferred prosecution agreement, and in the second, the court sentenced him to probation.

In 2017, police arrested him again for the assault on his wife. She had reportedly mishandled his dog and led it outside by its collar. Angered by this, McBride allegedly attempted to strangle her, but both later denied any violence had taken place. He completed a deferred prosecution agreement, paid a fine, committed to attend counseling sessions, and promised not to commit any violent acts against his spouse.

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