Biden Weighs Tripling Tariffs on Chinese Metals

( – President Biden announced proposals to triple tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminium imports at a union event in Pennsylvania. Speaking at the United Steel Workers headquarters, the President accused China of “cheating” and assured workers that the Office of the US Trade Representative is investigating Chinese practices.

The President explained that if trade representative Katherine Tai confirmed that China is engaged in anti-competitive practices, he would urge her to increase tariffs threefold. He said China is overproducing goods for export to the US to drive prices down and damage the American economy as higher-quality US products compete with lower-priced imports.

The current tariff on Chinese steel and aluminum is 7.5%.

Reporters questioned the President and asked if he was worried that the tariff increase could harm relations with Chinese leader Xi Jinping. He denied any concerns, adding that he would work with Mexico to prevent Chinese steel from entering the US through the southern border.

Biden announced the plans during a three-day trip to the Keystone State, where he visited Scranton, his hometown.

By focusing on the economy, analysts say the President is keen to communicate with the millions of Americans who do not accept his claims that the country’s finances are improving, with many stating that they do not feel that improvement in their own lives.

During a speech in Scranton, Biden said Donald Trump plans to give tax breaks to billionaires and cut Social Security funding. Trump insists he will not jeopardize Social Security or Medicare, but Biden spokesman James Singer said he is “tricking” voters. “Donald Trump tried cutting Social Security and Medicare by billions of dollars every single year he was in office,” Singer said.

President Biden visited the crucial swing state of Pennsylvania while Donald Trump’s first criminal trial got underway in New York, but Biden did not mention this in any of his speeches. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the President is focused on the American people, not Donald Trump.

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