Californians Are Jumping Ship To Nevada

( – California residents are leaving for neighboring Nevada in large numbers as the exodus from the Golden State continues. Real estate company Redfin said housing in Los Angeles costs double that of Las Vegas, and people are moving out in droves.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are particularly badly affected, and Californians are leaving those cities in greater numbers than any other. The majority of the 4,000 who moved to Vegas in October were from Los Angeles, according to Redfin. That number was smaller, however, than the 7,000 that left LA for Las Vegas in 2022. Nashville, Tennessee, is also a favored destination for departing Angelenos, with 2,700 moving there in October.

The real estate agent’s report also said that San Francisco and Los Angeles have the highest departure rates in the United States. “It’s typical for expensive job centers to top the list of places homebuyers are moving away from as those people seek more affordable housing,” it noted. Along with cost, weather is cited as a primary reason for going to Las Vegas, according to the report.

The most popular cities in the Sunshine State are Orlando and Tampa, but Redfin warned that due to adverse weather events in Florida, house prices are falling because insurance companies refuse to cover them.

A study this summer found that insurance premiums in parts of Florida had become unaffordable for many homeowners, having risen to three times the national average in 2022. Six insurance firms went insolvent last year as hurricanes and flooding pushed the risk too high.

Nevertheless, Californians still flocked to Florida in 2023, competing with Texas as their number one destination. In 2021, 107,000 California residents left for Texas, but this dropped to 102,000 a year later. Over the same period, the number heading for Florida rose from 37,000 to 50,000.

Governor Ron DeSantis delighted in the news and hit out at his Golden State Gavin Newsom, saying people preferred Republican Florida over “woke” California.

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