Church of England Seeks Anti-Racist Officer to ‘Deconstruct Whiteness’

( – The Church of England is advertising for an “anti-racism officer” to help “deconstruct whiteness.” The dioceses of the English West Midlands will pay around $45,000 per year to the new appointee whose job will be to identify internal and external resistance to anti-racism measures in “a way that develops understandings of equality and positions everyone to take an equal role.”

The new officer will join an eleven-person team whose role is to change the church’s “structures, practices, and behaviors” and ensure it embraces people of “GMH (Global Majority Heritage) and UKME (UK Minority Ethnic) backgrounds.”

The Church of England has taken a radical left-wing turn under the leadership of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who took up the post in 2013. The Archbishop previously described himself as blessed with “white privilege” and said his church should be “ashamed” of its history. In 2020, he apologized for the “conscious and unconscious” racism that black and Asian minorities have experienced in Britain.

Welby declared that he was endowed with “white advantage,” “male advantage,” “straight advantage,” and “educational advantage” and noted that while he is not ashamed of his advantages, he is ashamed of previously failing to realize he had them.

Also in 2020, while Black Lives Matter riots stormed across America and Britain, Welby declared that the church must stop portraying Jesus as white. Simultaneously, the first depiction of Jesus as a black man was announced for a church in the south English town of St. Albans.

Many people in the UK have denounced the church as excessively “woke,” which prompted its first black female bishop to embrace the word. In February, Rose Hudson-Wilkin said “woke” should not be considered a negative term as she addressed the church’s ruling body, the General Synod. The Synod’s 364 members subsequently voted unanimously to establish local groups with a mandate to address racial injustices.

Hudson-Wilkin is the Bishop of Dover, the coastal town through which thousands of migrants have entered the UK illegally.

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