CNN to Pay Don Lemon $24.5M One Year After Firing

( – Former CNN host Don Lemon will receive over $24 million from the network as part of a settlement related to his sacking last year. The primetime host lost his job amid accusations of misogyny when he said that GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley was “past her prime” as a woman in her 50s. The amount equals what Lemon would have earned if he had completed his three-and-a-half-year contract with the network.

The New York Post reported, however, that CNN had denied the settlement and declined to comment further.

Lemon’s sacking came in April last year, on the back of an apology for his remarks about the prime of women’s lives. He made the comments during a discussion with fellow hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins about Haley’s demand for younger politicians in Washington, DC. Lemon said that a woman is considered “in her prime in her 20s and 30s and maybe 40s,” prompting Nikki Haley to mock him in later interviews and campaign events. “It’s always the liberals who are the most sexist,” she said.

In January, however, it seemed Mr. Lemon’s career was back on track when he announced a new show on Elon Musk’s Twitter – now known as X. Along with Lemon, Musk said the platform had made new deals with former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and sports host Jim Rome.

“The Don Lemon Show” will run weekly for half an hour and feature commentary on politics, culture, and entertainment, the announcement stated.

Following his shock departure from Fox News, also last year, Tucker Carlson likewise found a new platform on Twitter, and launched his show in May. Musk’s platform had suffered some advertisement losses due to his commitment to free speech, but Carlson’s recent interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin gave Twitter an enormous boost and pushed it to the top of the US App Store with 117,000 downloads in a single day.

More than 125 million Twitter users watched the Putin interview in 24 hours.

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