DeSantis Campaign Slams Haley for Being “Funded by Wall Street”

( – A new ad by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis describes his opponent, Nikki Haley, as a Wall Street stooge. In the ad’s opening line, the former South Carolina Governor is described as “Wall Street-funded Nikky Haley” and is accused of insulting Iowans as the candidates prepare for the crucial Hawkeye State caucuses on January 15. DeSantis describes Haley as standing for her donor’s interests and Donald Trump of standing for his own interests.

The Floridian is marginally behind Haley in Iowa polls, with a Morning Consult survey in January placing him at 14% and Haley at 15%. DeSantis and fellow contender Vivek Ramaswamy have lashed out at Ms. Haley regarding a slew of wealthy donors who have recently thrown their weight behind her. Both attest that she would answer to those donors as President rather than the American people.

During the fourth Republican debate in Alabama in December, Ramaswamy accused Haley of corruption, prompting boos from the crowd. However, the audience applauded and cheered when Haley responded to both men, saying they were jealous that the donors backed her, and not them. She insisted she had not changed any position or policy to suit her backers.

Analysts say the Iowa caucus is vital for both candidates and will determine their future in the Presidential campaign. The two contenders have different styles and approaches. DeSantis takes a hard line on immigration and social issues and promises a more organized administration than Trump but with the same firm hand. Haley takes a more moderate line and says she is the candidate who can win over the highest number of independent or undecided voters in November.

Several surveys have also shown that Haley may be best placed to beat President Biden, even out-polling Donald Trump. In one much-talked-about Wall Street Journal poll in December, Haley defeated Biden by 17%, with Trump leading by just 4%. In other surveys, she comes ahead of Biden by 10% or more.

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