Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Declines Endorsing Biden

(StraightNews.org) – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said he is not supporting either candidate in this year’s Presidential election after endorsing Joe Biden in 2020. During an interview with Fox News, Johnson told Will Cain that he previously felt he had a duty to express his support for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris but subsequently realized this caused division. “My goal is to bring our country together,” he said. Mr. Johnson has hundreds of millions of followers online and is one of the world’s most influential social media users.

The former wrestler has emphasized, however, that he would support whichever candidate becomes the next President. “I do trust the American people,” he declared.

Mr. Johnson earlier lashed out at so-called “woke culture,” and following his endorsement remarks, social media users are suggesting he is secretly backing Donald Trump. On an episode of The View, hosts played a clip of his discussion with Will Cain, prompting loud boos from the audience. Host Joy Behar said Johnson implicitly supported Trump by choosing Fox News to reveal his lack of public endorsement. Others have pointed out that Johnson has previously spoken at a Republican National Convention conference.

In 2020, the movie star loudly expressed his support for Black Lives Matter and called on President Trump to step up and respond with compassion to the nationwide protests that followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Following a poll from the same year showing that 46% of Americans would support him if he stood for President, he said he gave the idea some thought. More recently, however, Mr. Johnson said he is no longer interested in a Presidential run, declaring that he is “not a politician.”

The wrestler shared his voting record with Rolling Stone in 2018, stating that he voted for Obama twice but abstained in 2016. He is a registered independent who supports gun control, is passionate in his backing of US troops, and has spoken out for female victims of sexual violence.

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