Elderly Woman Shot By Her Own Private Security

(StraightNews.org) – A man was arrested in Los Angeles for shooting an elderly woman he mistook for a burglar. Police arrested 34-year-old Kaion Ciego on December 31 for negligent discharge of a firearm after he opened fire on an unnamed 88-year-old woman at her home on Encino Avenue. She was taken to hospital in a stable condition. The LA District Attorney did not immediately file charges and released Mr. Ciego, but it is unclear if he may face charges in the future.

Police have not released many details, but according to Ciego’s attorney, the woman was walking through her home at about 8.30 pm on New Year’s Eve and set off a burglar alarm. The ACS Security guard responded to the alarm and, believing the homeowner was an armed intruder, shot her in the torso. Defense lawyer Jacqueline Sparagna said, “He didn’t have a clear view. It was a total accident.”

ACS Security released a statement saying it had launched an investigation, adding, “Our hearts go out to the client and the client’s family.”

Mr. Ciego has reportedly worked as a security guard for ten years and has no criminal record or history of violence. Many homes in the upmarket Encino Avenue area are surrounded by walls or high fences, and several residents use ACS services. The elderly woman’s home had no gate, but a sign for ACS Security was posted outside. Neighbors told reporters they plan to continue their contract with ACS and other private firms. “We constantly hear about burglaries,” said one resident.

According to a 2020 report, deadly incidents involving private security are on the rise. The report states that there were “312 deadly force incidents against and by security officers” during the previous December, and most of the victims were the guards themselves. A total of 91 officers were shot throughout the month, including 13 fatalities. “Lethal force that is being used against security personnel is increasing rapidly,” the report states.

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