Environmentalist RFK Jr.’s Family Enriched By Oil and Gas Company

(StraightNews.org) – Robert F. Kennedy, former environmental lawyer and current US Presidential candidate, has made thousands of dollars from oil and gas companies. Kennedy reported the earnings on a financial disclosure form last year. The filing showed payments from Arctic Royal Limited Partnership, a company that leases land for oil and gas drilling in Oklahoma and is part of an array of Kennedy family business investments. Arctic Royal, furthermore, leases land to companies that have faced fines for environmental regulation breaches and pollution.

The Presidential candidate earned around $30,000 from the investments between January 2022 and June 2023. However, Mr. Kennedy reports that he sold his interests in Arctic Royal last December.

Kennedy, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, spent many years as an environment attorney and activist, working at the Natural Resources Defense Council and then founding the Waterkeeper Alliance organization. He taught the subject at Pace University in New York and simultaneously ran a campaign to clean up the Hudson River.

Since then, however, some critics say he has lost touch with those roots and become an anti-science crusader. Mr. Kennedy says that modern climate change issues have made environmentalism “a divisive issue,” and as part of his Presidential campaign, he has promised to create a broad coalition of climate campaigners and skeptics alike.

Attorney Dan Farber, nevertheless, believes Kennedy now presents a threat to environmentalism, partly due to his distrust of the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which he insists is “effectively run by the oil industry, the coal industry, and the pesticide industry.”

The Presidential contender also believes that the globalist World Economic Forum is “exploiting” climate concerns to “impose totalitarian controls.” Additionally, the independent candidate, formerly a Democrat, thinks the coronavirus pandemic was exploited by drug companies for profit, and by international bodies to curtail freedoms.

During an interview last May, Kennedy claimed the pandemic facilitated a $4.4 trillion wealth shift from the American middle class to a “new oligarchy” of billionaires.

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