Ex-DA Claims Liberal City Taking ‘Hard Turn Right’

(StraightNews.org) – A former San Francisco District Attorney said the famously liberal city is taking a sharp turn to the right. Chesa Boudin, who was financed by left-wing billionaire George Soros and had a reputation for soft-on-crime policies, told Politico that San Francisco is no longer the city people imagine. The lawyer used his own recall as an example of its right-leaning politics and said mainstream Democrats, such as Nancy Pelosi, are not progressive.

Voters in the California city ousted Mr. Boudin from the DA’s office in 2022 following a recall campaign fueled by fears for public safety. Boudin openly supported a transformation of the criminal justice system and sent more cases to pretrial diversion than any of his predecessors. Property crime, retail crime, and more serious offenses, including homicide, all rose during his time as District Attorney.

Los Angeles DA George Gascón has faced similar criticisms in the City of Angels and was also subject to recall efforts, which failed because the required number of signatures was not submitted. Nevertheless, criticisms of the Soros-funded DA continued, and Olga Garcia, whose police officer son was killed in the line of duty, blamed Gascón for his death.

El Monte Police Officer Joseph Anthony Santana and his Michael Domingo Paredes were shot dead by a gang member on probation for a prior gun charge. Justin William Flores was offered a lenient plea deal in 2021 and avoided jail time. Blaming the DA, Garcia said, “We need death row and three-strikes law to come back. We need to enforce our laws so more police officers don’t die.”

Several other district attorneys across America are regularly criticized for taking a pro-criminal stance. Reports reveal that Hungarian billionaire George Soros funds many of these, including Kim Foxx in Chicago – where crime has risen, and Larry Krasner in Philadelphia. The New York Post reported in 2021 that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, who indicted President Trump, received $1 million from Soros.

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