Freight Train Derails In a Chicago Suburb

Range Rover Plummets Over Barrier and Crashes Into Train Tracks

( – An evacuation order was issued in Matteson, IL, after a freight train derailed on the morning of Thursday, June 27.

Local officials issued the mandatory order in the Chicago suburb at around midday following the train’s derailment near 217th Street and Main. A statement posted on Facebook noted a “large scale train event”, with residents advised to prepare for a “long-term” evacuation. In addition, local officials advised taking medication and essential supplies with them.

The Canadian National Railway train derailed at just before 11am, with residents who live within a mile south of Main Street ordered to evacuate. Neighborhoods one mile to the west and ¼ mile to the east were also impacted by the disruption.

Although it was unclear what the derailed train was transporting, local media reported the presence of hazmat crews. A Canadian National Railway spokesperson added that “various substances” were contained within a number of the train cars – half a dozen of which were off the tracks.

Later that day, the village lifted the order, stating that the area was “now secure”. An updated statement said there was no “immediate danger” to residents but encouraged the public to remain clear while workers completed cleaning operations. Local law enforcement officers and firefighters remained on hand to assist with mitigation efforts, according to officials.

No one was injured during the incident, and disruption to public transport ended later the same day. The reason for the derailment remains unclear.

On Friday, June 28, residents praised emergency crews for their response to the incident. At the gathering outside Matteson’s Village Hall, which was for an annual music festival in the area, Mayor Sheila Chalmers-Currin led applause for emergency workers who were on the scene “within minutes”. Grammy Award winner Eric Benét performed at the festival, with fireworks finishing off the evening.

A burning off process is scheduled to continue through the weekend with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency on site.

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