High School Student Fatally Shoots Another On Campus

(StraightNews.org) – An 18-year-old student has been shot dead by a classmate in Arlington, Texas. Etavion Barnes died from six bullet wounds outside Bowie High School, and police arrested 17-year-old Julian Howard soon afterward, charging him with murder. Arlington Police Chief Al Jones said the victim and suspect knew each other, but investigations had not yet established a motive.

Parents described their shock at the news, and many questioned why they learned of the incident from their children rather than school officials. District Superintendent Matt Smith held a press conference on the evening of the shooting and said administrators wanted to establish facts before informing parents, adding that he is aware of how quickly information travels through social media and cell phones. Smith emphasized that his priority was helping the police with their ongoing investigations.

Arlington Police Chief Al Jones confirmed to reporters that the alleged shooter was held at Arlington Country Jail, adding, “We, as a community, cannot tolerate this kind of violence.”

Members of the Mothers of Murdered Angels (MOMA) arrived at the scene to address gun violence and encourage students to speak out about their safety in schools. Melinda Hamilton, who founded the group after her daughter and grandson died in gun-related violence, said children need to know they can report instances of intimidation or bullying to prevent grievances from exploding into bloodshed.

“Another mother has lost a loved one through gun violence,” Hamilton said. The Texas native became a gun control activist in 2018 when her daughter died in a drive-by shooting. Two years later, her 19-year-old grandson died after he was shot in the back “by bullies.”

Ms. Hamilton launched MOMA in 2020 to help parents of gun violence victims navigate the criminal justice system and gain support from others who have experienced similar personal tragedies. She encourages parents to speak to their children about violence and motivates kids to reach out for help if they feel unsafe in school.

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