Houthi Terrorists Fire Missiles at US-Owned Ship

(StraightNews.org) – US Defense officials say a Houthi terrorist group fired an anti-ship ballistic missile at an American-owned ship in the Red Sea on January 14, but no fatalities or serious injuries were reported. The attack started a small fire onboard the commercial vessel, but this was quickly brought under control.

Houthi terrorists, who are funded by Iran and are conducting attacks in the crucial transport route through the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen, say the strikes are revenge for Israel’s war in Gaza and its Western support.

Over the weekend of January 13, US and UK forces launched airstrikes against the Houthi groups in retaliation; the terrorists quickly pledged bloody revenge against the West.

In the following days, things heated up in the region as attacks escalated. On January 16, a missile struck a Greek-owned ship off the coast of Yemen while US forces continued to hit more Houthi targets along the Yemeni coast.

Two US Navy SEALS went missing in the Gulf of Aden when they caught sight of an un-flagged ship that was known for transporting illegal arms. The SEALS left the USS Lewis B. Puller and approached the boat, but high waves pulled them under the water. A search for the SEALs is ongoing, but officials say the conditions are favorable, and Navy SEALs are trained to respond to these kinds of emergencies.

Meanwhile, aid agencies declare they have been forced to suspend operations in Yemen following the US and UK strikes. A group of 23 organizations issued a statement on January 16 saying that military escalation would make their work more difficult and worsen conditions for civilians in the war-torn nation.

Save the Children, one of the largest agencies, stated it is concerned about the safety and security of workers. The statement from the combined agencies said, “Civilians and civilian infrastructure must be protected and safe, and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance must be guaranteed.”

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