Human Trafficking Evidence Discovered In Child’s Murder Case

( – Evidence of human trafficking was uncovered during investigations into the disappearance of a Louisiana girl, authorities say. Daniel Callihan was recently arrested, along with 32-year-old Victoria Cox, for the murder of 35-year-old Callie Brunett, whose ex-husband found her dead at her home in Loranger, Louisiana. Authorities then issued an Amber alert for Brunett’s young daughters before finding 4-year-old Erin Brunett dead in a forest in Mississippi. Her 6-year-old sister was located nearby but survived and is recovering at a Jackson hospital.

Mr. Callihan, who had a tumultuous romantic relationship with Callie Brunett, was charged with Erin’s murder, and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office said that small cages found at the crime scene indicate a possible human trafficking ring.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade told reporters that his officers found “very, very disturbing” small cages, which signal trafficking. He also described the place where the girl’s body was found as “very traumatic” and “very tragic.” He confirmed that Erin’s precise cause of death had not yet been established.

The series of incidents began to unfold when Callie Brunett’s parents contacted her ex-husband, saying they had not heard from their daughter in days. The unnamed former husband subsequently visited her home and found his ex-wife dead and her car and his daughters missing.

Louisiana State Police and the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office worked together to track down the stolen vehicle and, with it, their prime suspect. Chief Wade said Callihan had killed a young mother in cold blood and probably would have murdered both of her children if law enforcement had not intervened.

Referencing the cages discovered, Wade said there may be other children in the same forest, and it could be an area that traffickers consider amenable to their criminal networks.

Callihan and his current girlfriend, Victoria Cox, are charged with capital murder and sexual battery and face the death penalty. Callihan told reporters he was guilty and said death by lethal injection would be easy for him.

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