Illegals Balk at Sanctuary City’s Shelters, Send Demands to Mayor

( – Illegal immigrants in Colorado have sent a list of demands to Denver’s Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston, saying they refuse to live in new taxpayer-funded accommodations and prefer to stay in a tent city they’ve established. Denver Human Services has tried to move the immigrants to new shelters, where they will receive three meals a day and expert help to find work and long-term accommodation.

However, the migrants refused to accept the offer and responded by saying they wanted to cook their own food with “culturally appropriate” ingredients rather than eat the pre-packed meals provided by the city. They also want 24-hour shower facilities and free medical care, including specialist treatments.

On top of the assistance with work applications already offered, the illegal immigrants also demanded free attorneys and insisted there should be no law enforcement officers present at their accommodations. “We are not criminals & won’t be treated as such,” they said.

It is unclear if officials will grant the demands, but some have pleaded with the migrants to move on to other cities because overstretched Denver does not have the resources to manage the influx. More than 40,000 have arrived in the city in the past year. Mayor Johnston announced public service cuts, but figures show that accommodating the immigrants this year could cost up to 18% of Denver’s entire budget.

Communications Liaison Officer Andres Carrera encouraged immigrants to move on to other sanctuary cities such as New York and Chicago – both already buckling under the strain. Tensions increased in the Windy City when a school closed in 2013 due to lack of funds was reopened in April to house migrants. Black residents in the surrounding area protested, saying they had been abandoned in favor of new arrivals. Genesis Young, who lives nearby, said, “Our voices are not valued nor heard.”

New York has also experienced budget cuts and public protests as more than 1,000 people arrive daily.

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