Johnson Huddles with GOP Leaders to Thwart DOJ Attacks on Trump

( – House Speaker Mike Johnson has devised a “three-pronged” strategy to counter the Department of Justice’s “weaponization.” He revealed his plans in a closed-door meeting with fellow Republicans on June 4 after briefing Donald Trump. Oversight, appropriations, and legislation are said to be the three headings under which the GOP will launch its counteroffensive, and Johnson promised the fight would be “vigorous.”

At a press conference, Johnson said bills presented to the House would be crucial and transpire while Republicans still have control. Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas said colleagues are anxious “to see something happen. So it’ll be soon.”

Johnson made the announcement as Republicans increase efforts to pursue Democrat prosecutors, including Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County’s Fani Willis, who they believe brought charges against Donald Trump for political gain. They are also seeking to cut funding to the Department of Justice.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan said the GOP is determined to stop Democrat “lawfare,” which he believes is utilized to defeat Donald Trump in the courts rather than at the ballot box.

Mr. Trump’s party reacted with fury when a New York jury delivered a historic verdict and convicted a former US President on felony charges for the first time. Mike Johnson was among many who denounced the trial, but some Republicans took a different view.

Former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger, for example, criticized his party’s response and said it had lost credibility while its lawmakers abandoned the ability to think for themselves. Kinzinger said the system had worked, that twelve jurors listened to the evidence and returned their verdicts, and therefore, the case was carried out with legitimacy.

Nevertheless, a number of Republicans noted Alvin Bragg’s election campaign, claiming he ran on a ticket of pursuing and persecuting Donald Trump. During his campaign, Mr. Bragg boasted that he had “investigated Trump and his children and held them accountable” when he was the state’s chief deputy attorney general.

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