Jon Stewart Unleashes On Corporations For Co-Opting Pride Month

( – Comedian Jon Stewart lashed out at corporations for “exploiting” gay people during Pride month. In a monologue on The Daily Show, Stewart ridiculed Pride-based publicity from Burger King, which ran an ad featuring the “Pride Whopper,” and a lengthy commercial from Oreos depicting a father reluctantly accepting his daughter’s female partner. Skittles was also targeted for releasing colorless candy under the caption, “Only one rainbow matters during Pride Month.”

The host slammed the companies for financially exploiting “the decades-long struggle of gay people for acceptance and equality” and following a “long line of hollow corporate pandering” aimed at convincing customers that they are “good people.”

Stewart expanded the scope and aimed at diversity campaigns more broadly, saying firms tout specific values but really care about only one – “shareholder value.”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens also came under fire in Mr. Stewart’s remarks. During the Target scandal, when the retail giant removed LGBT-themed merchandise from its stores, Owens reportedly said, “Do not shop at Target, or else you’re gay and a pervert.” Stewart sarcastically asked her if this applies even when he buys paper towels.

The comedian is not alone in his criticisms, and several commentators refer to the politicization of retail as “virtue signaling.” Many believe the trend is accelerating and often yields unintended results. Bud Light owner Anheuser-Busch, for instance, lost $27 billion from its market value when it signed a transgender influencer for an ad campaign and caused a ripple of consternation that stretched to Capitol Hill, where Senator Ted Cruz called for an investigation into the partnership.

Similarly, entertainment giant Disney clashed with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis when it criticized his policies barring discussion of adult themes – including transgenderism – from Sunshine State classrooms. The feud continued for months but ended in June with an agreement that Disney would withdraw a federal lawsuit against the Governor to advance a significant new construction project. DeSantis agreed, provided Disney hired most of its construction firms from Florida.

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