King Charles Visits Kenya to Atone for Britain’s Colonialism

( – The UK’s King Charles III is visiting Kenya to acknowledge Britain’s colonial past. Charles and his wife, Queen Camilla, are visiting the African country, once part of the British Empire, at the invitation of Kenyan President William Ruto. It is his first trip to a Commonwealth nation since he ascended to the British throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last year.

The history of the two countries is complex, and analysts say King Charles has taken a left-leaning approach to modern politics – blaming European nations for racism and advocating open border and climate change policies. A statement from Buckingham Palace, home of the British Monarch, said the King “will take time during the visit to deepen his understanding of the wrongs suffered in this period by the people of Kenya.”

The statement referred to the era, toward the end of British rule, when Kenyans staged a revolt that ended in 90,000 deaths and the detention and imprisonment of 160,000.

Some Kenyans want more than acknowledgment from the King and insist he apologizes to the country and pays reparations. Kipchoge araap Chomu, the grandson of a rebellion leader shot by British forces in 1905, admits that the British Empire brought sanitation and education to his country but said injustices must still be put right.

“We have to demand a public apology from the government of the British because of the atrocities they meted on us. After apologies, we also expect a reparation,” he said.

During a speech in the capital Nairobi, King Charles addressed the “wrongdoing” of the British Empire and said there was “no excuse” for his country’s actions. He said Britain was guilty of “abhorrent and unjustifiable acts of violence committed against Kenyans” during their struggle for independence.

President Ruto praised the King for addressing “uncomfortable truths.” He also appeared to call for financial compensation and said, “Much remains to be done in order to achieve full reparations.”

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