Man Arrested For Furnishing Son Fireworks That Set Homes Ablaze

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( – Police have arrested a Long Island man for giving fireworks to his young son, who subsequently caused two house fires. Father Karamjit Singh allegedly provided the 11-year-old with fireworks and urged him to light them on his lawn. One of the devices malfunctioned, causing a nearby shed to catch fire. The flames quickly spread and engulfed Singh’s home and a neighbor’s, causing extensive damage. Nassau County Police confirmed that there were no injuries or fatalities.

Prosecutors charged Mr. Singh with reckless endangerment, child endangerment, and arson. Reports indicate that he has obtained a legal aid attorney.

On social media, the Wantagh Fire Department stated that the incident occurred at around 8 a.m. on July 4 and that several fire engines were dispatched to bring the flames under control.

Also on Long Island on July 4, a 12-year-old girl was among four people injured during a fireworks mishap near Port Jefferson Station. Police said local residents had gathered to view a fireworks display when one strayed, causing non-life-threatening injuries and damage to several nearby vehicles.

Officers told reporters they expect to make arrests and asked witnesses to help them figure out exactly what happened. Police warned that “terrible things” can ensue when inexperienced people handle fireworks.

Dozens of injuries and incidents occurred nationwide, including in Illinois, where a man died from severe trauma on Chicago’s Northwest Side. A second man died in LaSalle, Illinois, under similar circumstances.

A 41-year-old was killed in South Carolina after setting a large firework on his head and setting it alight. In Alabama, a 20-year-old died in hospital from severe abdominal trauma, and officials canceled a Jacksonville show when a shell detonated and injured a technician. He was flown to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. Another man lost a hand in Colorado, and in Oklahoma, a 10-year-old was hospitalized for burns.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports almost 10,000 yearly fireworks-related incidents in America.

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