Man Rescued 2 Days After Falling 400 Feet Over Cliff

( – California Highway Patrol Coastal Division has rescued a man two days after he fell 400 feet off a cliff. Officials posted a video to Facebook showing the rescue that began when the unit received a call requesting a coastline search for a car when its owner failed to return home from work. The team subsequently located the vehicle with a man waving a flag beside it. He had sustained only minor injuries.

When rescuers pulled him to the top of the cliff using rope, the man told them he had veered to avoid a deer in the road, causing him to plunge 400 feet. He said he avoided severe injury because he was catapulted out of his vehicle via the sunroof. Authorities took him to Natividad Medical Center in Salinas for treatment.

Golden State teams are often at the forefront of dramatic rescues, and in December, they freed a man trapped inside a cliff along the San Diego coast. Walkers phoned the San Diego police department when they heard strange sounds coming from inside a cave, and following a grueling 19-hour operation, a man was pulled from a hole measuring only around 18 inches in diameter. He had been trapped inside for days before being airlifted to hospital.

San Diego authorities described the rescue mission as “treacherous” for both the trapped man and emergency service personnel. Documenting the rescue on social media, the San Diego Fire Department (SDFD) revealed that the unnamed man had slipped and fallen under rocks and lodged in a small crevice. The victim told Fire Department officers he believed he had been trapped there for about three days.

Officers with the SDFD and the Chula Vista Fire Department worked together to free him, but rising tides and bad weather caused them to pause the operation overnight. However, rescuers gave him blankets and intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration. Fire officers then used devices to break the rocks and free the man the following day.

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