Man Sues 27 Women for Reviewing Him on Facebook Group

( – A man is suing a group of women over what they said about him on Facebook. Nikko D’Ambrosio, of Chicago, claims the women have defamed him by calling him a “psycho” and “very clingy” on a dating section of the platform.

D’Ambrosio filed a suit at the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, seeking $75,000 in damages, and claims that he is one of many men to be defamed on the “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” group.

The complainant adds that he had a consensual relationship with one woman in the group, and she later posted a photo of him on the platform. This led to several responses from women who had also dated him, with many warning other users not to get involved with him. He said this caused him emotional distress and reputational damage.

The “Are We Dating the Same Guy?” group has more than 80,000 members and was initially devised as a safeguarding measure for women to avoid “toxic men.”

The defendants listed in the lawsuit include Meta, the owner of Facebook, the GoFundMe and Patreon platforms, as well as Paola Sanchez, who launched a GoFundMe campaign last year to create an app to accompany the Facebook group.

“Are We Dating the Same Guy?” was founded in New York in 2022 and has grown to 120 separate sub-groups for various cities worldwide, including London and Los Angeles. The idea is for women to post pictures of men they encounter on dating websites and others if they have met them. Women respond and, if they do know the man, give advice and information about their experiences with him.

One user said it allows women to prevent encounters with potentially abusive men who use the internet to prey on victims. “Sometimes men will bank on women not being open with each other and will continue to do the same thing to multiple girls without being held accountable,” she said.

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