Michigan Couples Arrested in Illegal Child Adoption Scheme

(StraightNews.org) – Two couples from Michigan are now facing charges for allegedly adopting almost 30 children as part of a scheme to obtain over $1 million in state funding while concealing instances of mental and physical abuse against the children.

Jerry and Tamal Flore, along with Joel and Tammy Brown, were charged with several counts of child abuse. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel pressed charges after discovering evidence of abuse against eight adopted children under their care since 2007.

All four adoptive parents are charged with offenses ranging from conspiracy to commit child abuse to failing to report child abuse. Nessel alleges that the couples illegally received over $1 million tax-free by manipulating the foster and adoption care system. They are accused of collaborating with Joel Brown, a former employee of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ children’s services agency, to adopt the children.

The indictment alleges that Brown used his knowledge of child abuse investigations and protection laws to avoid detection of ongoing child abuse in his own home and the Flores’ residence. Both couples consistently subjected their children to abuse, disguising it as disciplinary measures, according to the allegations.

Shamber Brown, one of the adopted children, has come forward to defend the Flores family and refute claims of abuse. In an interview with News 10, Brown, who has been with the Flores’ since 2005, said, “It’s been quite shocking to hear these strange accusations because, to be honest, my mom has always been my best friend.”

Brown stated that she even married one of Joel and Tammy Brown’s sons and emphasized that the abuse didn’t happen. In addition, she said, “My husband really loves my parents. He even extends his support to his own parents, whom he deeply loves. I confidently believe that we’re on the same page with everything I’ve said; indeed, he believes they are unjustly accused.”

Brown thinks her siblings might be dealing with traumas from before their adoption. She reported, “Most of my siblings are yet to fully recover because they’ve been through some of the most terrifying traumatic things. It seems like their memory is skewed, or they just like to kick up chaos.”

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