Navy SEAL Investigated Over ‘Extremist’ Ties

( – An active duty Navy SEAL who has protested with the Proud Boys and called for an end to gender ideology being taught in Californian public schools is facing an investigation by Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW) for “ties to extremism.”

A NSW spokesman affirmed the rights of sailors to express themselves under the First Amendment but then caveated those sentiments by suggesting that “participation with hate or extremist groups” will not be tolerated. The definition of hate speech and extremism is very open to interpretation in 2023, with Democrats frequently claiming any sentiments that contradict their policy positions are “hateful.”

Bryce Henson is the Navy SEAL in question, and merely being investigated is itself a punishment. Henson was photographed at numerous rallies and protest events with the Proud Boys, a conservative protest group considered “extremist” by the corporate media. The Proud Boys protest against a variety of issues including radical gender ideologies being taught to young children, a popular Democrat agenda item.

Henson’s presence at these events along with complaints from leftist agitators was likely enough to induce the investigation from NSW.

The Daily Beast published a report saying Henson ran an Instagram page called Southern California Parent Advocates that was geared toward opposition to radical gender ideology and critical race theories being taught in California public schools. The Los Angeles Times published a focused piece on Henson’s activism and claimed he was responsible for “anti-LGBTQ+” rallies.

Many gay people find the LGBTQ+ label offensive, with some gay men pointing out that the label is meaningless due to including everyone by adding TQ+.

Henson’s politics has him standing up against critical race theories, gender ideology, and vaccine mandates in public schools. He’s also been heavily critical of teacher’s unions.

Democrats have been heavily criticized by the House Judiciary Committee leadership for using the FBI or other law enforcement resources to intimidate their political opposition. Attorney General Merrick Garland has been called upon to release detailed information about how many investigations pursued parents who criticized school boards.

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