NBA Player Has Eaten Chipotle Every Day Over Last Decade

( – NBA star Mikal Bridges has revealed that he has eaten a Chipotle meal every day for a decade. The Brooklyn Nets player has never missed a game in this 423-game career, and says he has not neglected his favorite Chipotle meal for a single day since 2013. His describes his usual order as “white rice, no beans, double chicken, medium and mild salsa, corn and lettuce,” and adds it is “too fire to not have it every single time.”

In an interview with GQ Magazine in December, the Philadelphia native spoke of his excitement about living in New York City. “I always wanted to live here, actually, so getting traded here was cool,” he said. Bridges arrived in New York from the Phoenix Suns, where he had played since 2018. When he joined the Nets, he was immediately nicknamed Brooklyn Bridges.

The star earned $21.7 million last year and is used to luxury living, but said the one downside of being in the Big Apple is lack of space. Still, he’s pleased to have a plush apartment in the upmarket Tribeca area.

Bridges started his impressive basketball career at Great Valley High School in Malvern, Pennsylvania. In his freshman year at Villanova, he played 40 games for the Wildcats and every game in his sophomore year in 2016.

He joined the Brooklyn Nets in February 2023 and, within weeks, scored a career-high of 45 points against the Miami Heat. A month later, he scored 44 points in a losing game against Orlando Magic. At the end of 2023, he held the Ironman title, holding the record for the highest number of consecutive games played.

Born in Philadelphia in 1996, he was raised by single mom Tyneeha Rivers, who gave birth to him at the age of 19. Bridges is single but shares his life with his beloved dog, Sonny, who he admits he spoils. He says he’s grateful for his money but doesn’t spend it “like crazy.”

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