Nelson Mandela’s Kin Demands Reparations From UK’s Royals

( – The granddaughter of former South African President Nelson Mandela is demanding “reparations” from the British government to compensate for its colonization of African countries. Ndileka Mandela, a political activist, told Britain’s BBC that the initial payments should come from the Royal family because “that’s where healing begins.” Mandela said Africa is still suffering from the impact of colonialism, even though British rule on the continent ended several decades ago.

King Charles III, the reigning British Monarch, visited Kenya in November and described his country’s rule as “a cause of the greatest sorrow and the deepest regret.” He added that the British had committed unjustifiable and “abhorrent” acts of violence against Kenyans.

Unlike his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles is considered by British media as too outspoken on political issues and of taking a “woke” standpoint. The King regularly speaks out about climate change in particular, and some in the British press have described him as “so woke that he will abolish himself.”

Mandela’s reparations demands are not the first the UK has faced, and in August, a UN judge said the country owes around $24 trillion because of its role in the slave trade. Patrick Robinson said, “Once a state has committed a wrongful act, it’s obliged to pay reparations,” and even suggested that the enormous figure presented was an underestimation.

Mr. Robinson has convened a group of economists, lawyers, and historians to calculate potential debts owed by former European colonial powers, and said these payments are “necessary for the completion of emancipation.” However, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak dismissed calls for either an apology or financial redress.

In the United States, reparations payments are central to the demands of the activist group Black Lives Matter (BLM), and in California, in the wake of the BLM riots of 2020, a committee was formed to assess what amount should be paid and how it should be administered. Figures as high as $1.2 million for each black resident have been suggested.

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