Newly Independent RFK Jr. Raises $11 Million In Hours

( – Independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy raised more than $11 million in six hours after his announcement that he had turned his back on the Democrats and would run for the Oval Office on his own. At a campaign rally in Philadelphia, Mr. Kennedy declared his independence and urged American voters to do the same.

The venue was at maximum capacity as he announced his plans, which political commentators suggest will introduce additional excitement to the 2024 election. Mr. Kennedy is an outspoken opponent of US support for Ukraine, fiercely opposes the pharmaceutical industry, and wants the southern border closed – positions that do not easily gel with mainstream Democrats.

American Values 2024, the super PAC behind the Kennedy campaign, announced the influx of donations soon after the rally and said Americans are more ready than ever to listen to an honest independent candidate. “Millions of independent-minded Americans are seeing through the most powerful censorship and propaganda campaign against any candidate in American political history,” said Tony Lyons, the PAC co-founder.

The addition of Kennedy to Presidential polls shows that he will likely take votes from President Trump and President Biden, but early indications hint that he will damage Biden more. For instance, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Trump and Biden equal at 35% until Kennedy was added to the mix; this caused Trump to fall to 33% but Biden to 31%.

A funding statement from American Values 2024 supports the notion that Kennedy is pulling support from both parties, and in a potential blow to the GOP, one of his significant donors is Timothy Mellon. Mr. Mellon gave $1.5 million to the Trump campaign last year but has now donated $5 million to Kennedy.

The campaign’s first financial report shows donations of almost equal value from Democrats and Republicans, with slightly more contributions from GOP voters. Interestingly, the super PAC also recorded a $50,000 donation from Cancer Monthly Inc., a group that advocates and researches alternative cancer treatments.

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