Pastor Accused of Peddling Street Drugs

( – A Methodist pastor in Connecticut has been accused of selling crystal meth from his parsonage. Police arrested Herbert Miller of the Woodbury United Methodist Church on February 8 after they received a tip-off from an unnamed source who went on to set up a sting. State troopers pulled Miller over on his way back from the sting drug exchange and found him carrying crystal methamphetamine in rock and liquid form, as well as a hypodermic needle. Reports say the pastor used the drug in exchange for watching gay couples engaging in sexual activity, but police did not confirm this.

The pastor was charged with narcotics possession with intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance, and use of drug paraphernalia and released on $10,000 bail. He is due to appear in Waterbury Superior Court in late February. His name was subsequently removed from the church’s website, having been hired last July. He previously served as pastor at the First United Methodist Church in Shelton.

Pastor Miller is not the first clergyman accused of drug dealing, and last year, deputies in Davidson County, North Carolina, arrested Pastor John Price and his son on similar charges. When Sherrif’s officers arrived at the South Side Baptist Church in Lexington, they discovered 12 pounds of marijuana, 2 pounds of tetrahydrocannabinol wax, 41 THC vape pens, 20 marijuana plants, and 32 grams of magic mushrooms.

Price and his 28-year-old son were charged with several offenses, including drug trafficking, possession with intent to sell, and conspiracy to traffic marijuana. A resident told reporters at the time that he tried to warn church authorities about Mr. Price but was ignored.

Also last year, Rev. Steve Parker of Arlington, Washington, pleaded guilty to drug possession, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as money laundering, and was sentenced to over four years in prison. The clergyman was known in the area for his work helping drug addicts but was found to be supplying the very people he was supposed to assist.

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