Pence Provides Rationale for Avoiding Trump Endorsement

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence explained why he would not back Donald Trump in this year’s Presidential election. Speaking to Margaret Brennan on CBS, Mr. Pence said he could not “in good conscience” support his former boss because Trump has strayed from conservative principles.

Pence argues that Mr. Trump is no longer committed to America’s global leadership, the sanctity of life, or fiscal responsibility. He noted the former President’s recent policy reversal on the Chinese video-sharing platform TikTok, saying the national consensus on China had changed, but now Trump risks turning back the clock. Mr. Trump previously expressed support for a nationwide TikTok ban but recently said he would no longer back that policy.

Stating that he had forgiven Trump for the events of January 6, 2021, Mr. Pence said he prayed for the former President, who he claims forced him to choose between him and the US Constitution by encouraging him to refuse to certify Joe Biden’s election victory in Congress.

The former Indiana Governor joins a list of Republicans who say they will not support Trump’s candidacy, notably including the last remaining primary contender, Nikki Haley. When she finally dropped out of the primary race after suffering bruising defeats on Super Tuesday, Haley said she was no longer bound by the Republican promise to back the eventual nominee.

During the campaign, Haley increased her attacks on Mr. Trump and labeled him “unhinged.” The former Trump administration UN Ambassador furthermore ominously cautioned the American people that they would “commit suicide” if they re-elect the GOP candidate in November. “You have to see the hole in the ship. And if you don’t see the hole in the ship, we’re all going to go down,” she warned.

Several other members of Trump’s previous administration have similarly turned their backs. These include former Attorney General Bill Barr, Defense Secretary James Mattis, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Mr. Tillerson said Trump’s understanding of global and US history is “really limited.”

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