Pentagon Puts US Euro Military Bases On High Alert

( -American military bases in Europe have been placed on the highest terror alert in over a decade. Officials did not provide details of the potential threat but did state that major facilities in Germany have had services curtailed and external journeys canceled. The terror threat is known as “Charlie” and applies when “an incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating some form of terrorist action or targeting against personnel or facilities is likely,” an Army official confirmed.

Soldiers across the continent have been warned to keep a low profile and always remain alert.

Some analysts have suggested that the threat may be linked to the Russia – Ukraine war, but military personnel have remained tight-lipped. Additionally, several current events in Europe have increased security measures across the continent.

Election tensions are high in the UK and France, with riots breaking out in Paris following Marine Le Pen’s victory in recent Parliamentary elections. Paris is also home to this upcoming Olympic Games, and there is increasing pressure on security services there. Furthermore, Germany is currently hosting the European soccer championships, and hundreds of extra police officers have been deployed.

The US has over a dozen military installations in Europe, mainly in Germany, the UK, and Italy. More than 35,000 US troops are based in Germany, with 20,000 at the US Army Garrison in Stuttgart, where new security measures are in place. The Stuttgart base is home to several significant units, including Marine Forces Europe and Africa and United States Africa Command.

The UK hosts America’s primary air force command in Europe, primarily at RAF Lakenheath, which acted as a headquarters during the Cold War and is the launching pad for US air missions to the Middle East today. There are just under 10,000 serving US personnel in Britain, with an additional 13,000 in Italy. A further 3,243 are based in Spain, almost 2,000 in Poland, and just over 1,100 in Belgium and Romania.

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