President Brother’s DOJ Criminal Investigation Remains Open

( – Justice Department officials in Florida have investigated financial transactions linked to President Biden’s brother James. Politico reports that anonymous sources also claim that Pennsylvania Department officials sought information about James Biden’s activities last year.

Both investigations relate to hospital chain Americore, where James Biden worked after his brother left the White House at the end of the Obama administration. The essence of the case is fraud, and Americore is accused of receiving millions in taxpayer funds for improper Medicare reimbursements. Furthermore, investigators are looking into James Biden’s efforts to secure Middle East investors for Americore in Pennsylvania. Loans to the company by a James Biden associate are likewise under scrutiny, sources told Politico.

The President’s brother appeared before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committee in February to answer questions about his financial life and to confirm whether his brother had any involvement. He testified that throughout his career, he relied on his own talents and never on his “status as Joe Biden’s brother.” He furthermore told Congress he was paid to arrange loans and investments for Americore, but a complaint filed in Palm Beach County in 2022 claims these payments were “improper.”

In that case, investors in a fund known as the Third Friday Total Return Fund alleged that the fund manager made sham loans to Americore and diverted $600,000 to James Biden for his part in the scheme. He then transferred $200,000 to his brother Joe, which the White House said was a loan repayment between the siblings.

Loans between the brothers were central to the Congressional probe in February. James Biden told lawmakers he received two loans from Joe Biden, a private citizen at the time, for $40,000 and $200,000. The loans were made in 2017 and 2018, and James Biden testified that these were rare examples and it was not usual for him to ask his brother for help. He joked that for most of his career, Joe Biden was the “poorest man in the United States Congress.”

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