Pro Basketball Player Admits to Role in Woman’s Murder

( – NBA player Chance Comanche has confessed to murder, according to police documents. Comanche admits to killing 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers on December 6 in partnership with his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Sakari Harnden. Rodgers, from Washington, reportedly traveled to Las Vegas to engage in prostitution on December 1, and on the same evening, became involved in an altercation with Harnden, also working as a prostitute, over a Rolex watch.

Rodgers allegedly threatened to “smoke” Harnden if she didn’t hand over the watch and called on her ex-boyfriend Comanche to help her do so. The pair decided to hire a hitman to kill Rodgers but were unable to find anyone willing to do the dirty deed for $3,000. On a social media group involving Comanche, Rodgers, and a third unnamed individual, methods of murder were discussed, including strangulation and shooting.

“I can snap her neck or just strangle the bitch,” Comanche allegedly wrote. According to released text messages, Comanche and Harnden duped Rodgers into believing she was meeting a “trick” (prostitution client), and when she arrived, they allegedly strangled her to death with an electrical cord and dumped her body in a ditch outside Vegas and covered it with rocks.

Police arrested Comanche in California days later, and he is held in a Sacramento prison awaiting extradition to Las Vegas. His lawyers offered no comment except to say they would “deal with it in Nevada.”

After the killing, records state that Comanche returned to the M Resort Casino, where he was staying with his Stockton Kings teammates, and resumed life as usual. He was cut from the Kings soon after his arrest.

Born in Los Angeles, Chance Comanche attended Beverly Hills High School and the University of Arizona, where he played for the Arizona Wildcats. He briefly joined the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers in 2022 and signed with the Stockton Kings last November, then with the Sacramento Kings in October 2023, before returning to the Stockton Kings a month later.

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