Race-Baiting Alleged In Biden’s Controversial College Speech

(StraightNews.org) – Social media users accused President Biden of race-baiting after he delivered a speech at a black Georgia college referencing the death of George Floyd. Biden spoke at the graduation ceremony of Morehouse College in Atlanta and told graduates that they were victims of racism in America and that they may understandably question the meaning of democracy as a result.

“What is democracy? That Black men are being killed in the street?” the President asked. He went on to describe America’s political system as one that leaves black communities behind and said black people must work ten times harder to “get a fair shot.” The President also suggested that black men who love America do so even though America does not love them back.

Referring to Donald Trump and the modern Republican party, Biden said they do not include black people in their vision for the country.

Several people, including black people, condemned the President for stirring up racial division and telling black graduates that they face severe disadvantages in the US. One black Twitter user asked followers to imagine what it would be like to work and study for years only to hear on graduation day that “America doesn’t love you because you’re black.”

Several others accused the President of trying to dent their confidence as they hit the jobs market and start their new lives. Morehouse graduate Lawrence Jones said he expected President Biden to congratulate him and fire the students up, but instead, he effectively told them they were bound to fail.

The college’s announcement that Biden would deliver the graduation speech was met with protest last month, as students expressed anger at his handling of the Middle East war. When the President began his address, some students turned their backs while others left the room. Biden told them he understood their frustration about the Israel – Hamas war but added that it was a hugely complicated conflict with no easy answers.

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