Restaurant Patrons Refuse to Pay, Viciously Beat Elderly Owner

( – Video footage from a Texas restaurant shows a group of diners viciously attacking its elderly owner after refusing to pay their food bill. Sergio Alberto Vazquez owns the Chekos Mexican restaurant in Austin and told local reporters that three diners – two men and one woman – refused to pick up the check, after which he told them to leave. On their way out, the group allegedly began smashing plates, so Mr. Vazquez followed them to the parking lot to take a photo of their car registration plates. The trio subsequently attacked, pushing him to the ground and beating him.

Mr. Vazquez was not in the restaurant when they arrived but received a phone call from staff members alerting him that a group of diners was causing problems. When he arrived, the trio complained that they were dissatisfied with the food and did not intend to pay. Vazquez said he merely told them, “No problem,” and asked them to leave.

In the parking lot, one of the male members of the party noted the restaurant owner taking a picture of his license plate. He immediately got back out of his vehicle and whipped Mr. Vazquez’s phone from his hand. He then started hitting the 70-year-old restaurateur, which was witnessed by customers who ran to his aid.

Vazquez later expressed his gratitude to his loyal patrons for rushing to help him, adding that he believed he would have been in real danger without them. “Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now,” he said.

His daughter, who served the alleged attackers, said they ordered margaritas, mini tacos, and chips with salsa, running up a $60 bill. She said two suspects ate their meals, while the third sent it back with complaints. The ruckus broke out after they’d finished their drinks. Maria posted footage of the incident to social media, and Austin Police opened an investigation but have not identified any suspects.

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