RFK Jr. Campaign Fires Overzealous Campaign Staffer

(StraightNews.org) – Rita Palma, a controversial Robert F. Kennedy staffer, has been fired following revelations that she told Republicans her top priority was preventing a Biden victory. Mr. Kennedy’s campaign manager, Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, confirmed the sacking in mid-April, saying Palma had also provided inaccurate information during an online conference and misrepresented her role.

Speaking to CNN, Ms. Palma said she still believes Mr. Kennedy is the best candidate in the Presidential race and described her termination as a distraction. “I have nothing to defend. Truth defends itself,” she said. Palma added that her time with the Kennedy campaign was the greatest political adventure of her life, and she had met “some of the best people I’ve encountered.”

During the video conference in question, where she spoke with GOP voters, Ms. Palma urged Republicans to vote for Kennedy and deprive Biden of electoral college votes in traditionally Democrat-supporting states. She said denying college votes to Trump and Biden in the nation’s northeastern blue states could drive the ultimate decision to the House of Representatives, which would choose Donald Trump.

In announcing the campaigner’s departure, Fox Kennedy did not refer to those comments but emphasized Palma’s misrepresentation of her position within the Kennedy campaign.

Rita Palma has acknowledged campaigning for Donald Trump in two previous elections but says he lost her support due to his position on coronavirus vaccinations. Mr. Trump continues to laud his vaccination program, saying it saved millions of lives, but Palma is one of many who firmly disagree with the former President’s stance.

Donald Trump has even been subjected to booing from some of his core base after acknowledging his own coronavirus vaccination and confirming he received a booster. One of those who booed was Flora Moore of Florida, who believes Mr. Trump is ignoring his supporters’ concerns that vaccination may be “killing people.”

Mr. Kennedy, however, is a long-term skeptic and insists that “proper safety studies have never been conducted on vaccines.”

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