Russian Military Hawk Prods Kremlin to Strike US Ships

( – A Russian military commentator suggested on live TV that Moscow intends to attack US targets with nuclear weapons. Igor Korotchenko said President Biden’s permission to Ukraine to use US-made weapons inside Russian territory opened America up to retaliation. He pointed out that Russian warships are conducting exercises in the Atlantic Ocean en route to Cuba and that nuclear-armed vessels are among them.

Cuba insists that none of the Russian ships have nuclear weapons, but Korotchenko maintained this is untrue and that Russia has additional atomic capabilities in the region. “If a strike is carried out, as it was stated, several hundred kilometers away, against an American aircraft,” he said, it would have to be done with “special ordnance for maximum effectiveness.”

Host Evgeny Popov then confirmed with Mr. Korotchenko that “special ordnance” means nuclear weapons, and he confirmed that it did.

On June 12, some of the Kremlin’s most advanced warships pulled up on Cuba’s coast, including the nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine The Kazan, which concerns US and NATO officials. American military and intelligence agencies said they had closely monitored the visit to Cuba, and the subsequent exercises, and concluded there was no threat to US national security.

However, the Kazan, one of a new submarine class with advanced stealth and striking capacity, was accompanied by the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, armed with Zircon hypersonic missiles, and both are considered an ominous threat by Western powers.

A Pentagon statement regarding the Russian stop-off in Cuba stated that Moscow intends to conduct several drills in the Atlantic over the coming months, and some of these will involve territory close to the US. “We are not concerned by Russia’s deployments, which pose no direct threat to the United States,” the statement read.

During the TV interview with Korotchenko, host Evgeny Popov also took aim at the US and its relationship with Cuba. He claimed America is “occupying” Cuban territory. “That territory is called Guantanamo,” he added.

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