Schiff In Fundraising Frenzy After Trump Verdict

( – California Rep. Adam Schiff has used Donald Trump’s New York conviction as a fundraising drive in emails to his backers. The Democrat, who is a client of Authentic Campaigns, a political consulting group run by Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, has previously fundraised on the back of Trump’s legal troubles and asked donors to help ensure a felon does not return to the Oval Office.

Loren Merchan, daughter of the Judge who oversaw the Trump conviction, is president of Authentic Campaigns, which worked on President Biden’s 2020 White House run. Mr. Trump’s legal team called for Merchan to recuse himself in light of his daughter’s professional activities, but he refused to do so, saying he had searched his conscience and was certain of his ability to remain impartial.

The former President then appealed, but the appeals court ruled he had not provided evidence that Merchan’s decision was incorrect.

In the latest scandal surrounding the Judge, rumors circulated online that he instructed jurors they did not need to return a unanimous verdict to convict the former President. The whispers prompted some Trump supporters to issue online threats against him. However, court observers say Merchan told the jury they “must conclude unanimously” that the defendant conspired to improve his election chances by unlawful means.

Mr. Trump described the trial as an “Alice in Wonderland case with a mad hatter judge.” He insists that the proceedings were “rigged” and that he had committed no crimes. He has also received the public backing of several senior Republicans. House Speaker Mike Johnson described the trial as a “purely political exercise,” while South Carolina Senator Tim Scott called it an “absolute injustice.” Senator Marco Rubio of Florida urged Republicans to “get even” and donate to the party to ensure Trump’s return to the White House.

Mr. Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, said he would run for President from a jail cell if necessary. She said her client was the victim of a “political, selective prosecution.”

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