Soap Opera Star’s Ex-Fiancee Distraught Over His Murder

( – Tessa Farrell, the ex-fiancee of murdered General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor, has appealed for change to tackle violent crime in Los Angeles. In a video posted to social media days after Mr. Wactor was shot dead by thieves in downtown LA, Farrell said the city must be “smarter,” and people should “stop being so mean to each other.” She also implored criminals to get jobs and stop taking from others.

Ms. Farrell went on to proclaim that she was happy Wactor had found some happiness in his life and made many of his dreams come true before his untimely death. Admitting she had not seen the actor for years, Farrell said her relationship with him had forever changed her, and they had brought the best out of each other.

Mr. Wactor died from a gunshot wound as he left a bartending shift in LA at around 3.30 in the morning on May 25. When he approached his car, he saw that three men had raised the vehicle on a floor jack and initially thought they were towing it away. However, noting that they wore masks, a witness said he raised his hands, but one of the thieves opened fire. The three then fled the scene in a dark-colored Sedan.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) indicated that the suspects were attempting to steal the vehicle’s catalytic converter. These devices contain metals that can be sold for hundreds of dollars and are an increasing target of thieves in the US.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says theft of catalytic converters has risen dramatically because they contain three precious metals: palladium, rhodium, and platinum. Last year, rhodium was valued at $8,000 an ounce – four times the price of gold.

The most commonly targeted vehicle in the US is the Ford F-series pick-up truck because its height allows thieves easier access to steal the device. In second and third places are the Honda Accord and Toyota Prius.

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