Stanford Student Allegedly Openly Advocated for Biden Assassination

( – A Stanford University student has revealed the extent of hostility on campus over the continued Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas. Theo Baker testified that he was surrounded by pro-Palestinian protestors last year and called a “colonizer,” “dirty Jew,” and “child killer.”

In a subsequent article for The Atlantic, Baker added that calls for violence are commonplace, with some even advocating the assassination of President Biden.

Hamza El Boudali, with whom Baker shares a computer science class, told a group of protestors that the President deserves to die over his support for the Jewish state. “I’m not calling for a civilian to do it, but I think the military should,” El Boudali reportedly declared before adding, “I’d be happy if Biden was dead.” He also said he would prefer it if Hamas governed America, while conceding that the designated terrorist organization is “not perfect.”

Universities have become flashpoints of extremism, according to Baker, who is one of many to raise concerns about what he describes as harassment and intimidation based on faith or heritage.

Director Steven Spielberg recently spoke out about antisemitism on US campuses, noting that 50% of Jewish students say they have experienced discrimination in some form since the terror attack on Israel by Hamas last October. “This is happening alongside anti-Muslim, Arab, and Sikh discrimination,” Mr. Spielberg added.

Speaking at the University of Southern California, the acclaimed filmmaker described his own childhood and remembered meeting Holocaust survivors and learning about anti-Jewish hatred from family members. He said he also experienced discrimination as a college student and is deeply concerned that history is repeating. Mr. Spielberg condemned the October 7 attack on Israeli civilians as “unspeakable barbarity” while also expressing sorrow at civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Stanford University said that the school is committed to creating “an educational environment in which Jewish students and all students can thrive” in an atmosphere “free of harassment and discrimination.”

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