State Department Appoints Anti-American Diversity Chief

( – A newly-appointed State Department diversity chief has a history of making anti-American comments, according to media reports. Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently announced that Zakiya Carr Johnson had joined the Department as its diversity and inclusion officer. He said she would bring “expertise and a fresh perspective.” However, Fox News reveals she has previously referred to the United States as a “failed historical model” with a “colonizing” past.

The Obama administration previously employed Carr Johnson as the first director of its Race, Ethnicity, and Social Inclusion Unit. Her professional history involves founding Odara Solutions, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consulting firm, and Black Woman Disrupt, which collates the views of black women involved in creative work.

The conservative Heritage Foundation notes that Carr Johnson has described America as a society rooted in colonialism and racism and called for its “traditional structure” to be dismantled “at every juncture.” The new State Department diversity officer argues that American tradition is laden with “iniquity” due to its “power structures.” She claims the “hierarchies” and values of the US make it very difficult to bring about social change.

In a paper she co-authored in 2020, she called for redirection away from a “Eurocentric mindset” and insisted that the world’s most pressing issues cannot be solved by following a “colonizer’s map.”

Republicans have repeatedly accused the Biden administration of fostering anti-white and anti-American rhetoric, and in April, Trump allies said they intend to reverse this trend if he wins a second term. Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller is reportedly working on efforts to flip policies that prioritize ethnic minorities at the expense of whites. Miller was instrumental in blocking the implementation of a pandemic relief program for women and minority-owned businesses, saying it discriminated against whites.

Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, confirmed that Mr. Trump is on board with the idea. He said the GOP candidate is committed to terminating President Bidens’s un-American policies and initiatives.

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