Stray Dogs Tear Down Used Cars, Cause $350,000 Damage

( – Security footage of a car dealership in Texas revealed that dogs were destroying the stock and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Staff at G Motors in Harris County examined surveillance tapes to find enormous dogs pulling fenders and bumpers from at least five cars over three days in November.

Finance manager Imran Haq said he thought a “wolf” was responsible, and sales manager Gaby Fakhoury added, “You just never think a dog has the kind of power to tear up a car like that.”

Footage from the first day showed a cat entering the lot and being chased by the dogs, who then returned over the next couple of days, apparently through a gap in the fence. Employees say they are terrified of the animals and worried they will appear during the day and attack them, but police said there is nothing they can do as it is a civil matter; they recommended the business owners hire an investigator to track down who is responsible for the dogs.

In the remarkable video widely shared online, two large, aggressive canines fiercely pull cars apart. Bite marks were left on the bodywork and tires, and the damage toll is as high as $350,000, according to the business owners.

While the footage is remarkable, it is not unheard of for man’s best friend to be so destructive. Last December, a woman filmed in horror as a dog viciously attacked her car while she was sitting inside. On that occasion, the animal also managed to destroy the vehicle’s fender.

In a truly remarkable story from 2016, a vet in Turkey claimed a group of dogs destroyed a man’s car out of revenge. Mustafa Yıldız, Chair of the Chamber of Veterinary in Sakarya, reviewed a film of seven dogs pulling a car asunder and said their behavior indicated orchestrated vengeance. “A similar car might have crashed into one of their friends,” he said.

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