Teen Girl Arrested For Nearly Beating Another to Death

(StraightNews.org) – Police in Missouri arrested a 15-year-old girl for an assault that was filmed and went viral online. The St. Louis County Police Department said it received a call about a fight between two teenage girls and arrived to find one had sustained severe head injuries. The girl was transported to hospital in critical condition.

Video footage of the incident, which millions of people watched on Twitter, shows a black girl throwing a much smaller white girl to the ground, repeatedly punching her in the face, and slamming her head into the concrete. Others stood watching the event unfold, and apparently, several people decided to film it.

The Hazelwood School District, which commits itself to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, said, “Bullying and fighting in the community is an issue for which we all need to take ownership.” It urged people to “be kind” and said it offered counseling to students.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey said the attack demonstrated a complete disregard for human life and such violence has no place in Missouri. On Twitter, Mr. Bailey said the perpetrator should be charged as an adult, and if the victim dies, the charge should be murder.

Officials at Hazelwood East High School said they were forced to close early the following school day due to threats, which police are investigating. The names of the victim and perpetrator have not been made public.

Some on social media describe the school as the “wokest” in the Show-Me State. In 2022, it was awarded the North County Incorporated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award. The board said it has spent “many hours” ensuring that the district “respects and appreciates the diversity” in its employee and student bodies.

Some online conservative commentators suggest that racial tension is rising in the area following the attack, and several Twitter users argued that if a white girl had attacked a black girl in the same manner, it would have prompted a national response.

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